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    Very many of our customers unreasonably think that a custom writings essay refers to a simple type of writing. This is in vain, because essay writing carries with it some pretty serious thinking and reasoning. A teacher or an employer for whom an essay is written should, with the help of a small text, understand the personality and character of the author, find out for themselves what his or her life position is.

    It is because our customers sometimes do not take essay writing seriously that they have certain mistakes.

    The first mistake is a low level of checking. Due to the fact that essay writing is not taken seriously, many authors simply forget or don’t want to do a check. Naturally, almost everyone checks essays for grammar errors. But no attention is paid to stylistics, verification of turns of speech and similar nuances. To avoid this, you will need to reread the essay several times. You can even give it to your friends or acquaintances to check. Problems with turns of speech most often arise when the text is written in free form. That is, the author has a certain idea, he transfers it to paper, but he can get carried away, and not pay attention to the fact that he did not formulate his idea correctly, missing the basics of stylistics.

    The second mistake is a tedious preface or the whole text. Remember that an essay should not be boring to read. If the author himself likes long arguments, without grasping the meaning, it will be difficult for him to write such material, which will interest the reader. The only way out here is to let as many people as possible reread the essay and leave their conclusion.

    The third mistake is verbosity. Don’t forget that an essay, just like any other written work, should have a certain length. An essay is not a term paper or a diploma. It is a brief overview of a certain topic. The essay should contain only information on the essence of the matter without “water”.

    The fourth mistake is long complicated sentences. The essay should prove the rightness of the author, or show his life position. It is very difficult to do it with long sentences. It is best to use both short and long sentences. Try to read the essay aloud after writing it. If on any phrases you stammer and start stuttering, this is the first sign to the fact that the sentence should be divided.

    The fifth and final mistake is embellishing the essay with clever encyclopedia words. Many people think that the smarter the text looks, the more impression it will make. But remember the most famous authors, who got their popularity not for clever words, but for beautiful correct syllables and, first of all, for their soul.


    Now a day I Write My Dissertation Uk and I know how difficult is it I don’t think that writing is a simple task to do no matter whether you are writing an essay or a dissertation.


    Can you tell me what are those basic mistakes when writing an essay. I am going to write an essay for twitter certified digital marketing need to know about those mistakes so that I cannot make those mistakes during writing. I know some of those mistakes but do not know that those are those mistakes that you are talking about. I will contact you soon to know about those mistakes so that I will not make those mistakes while doing an essay.


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    Its great to read on writing. Can someone let me know that is Wikipedia writing is same as regular content writing? or it comes under technical writing as this was the same question asked by from a Wikipedia page consultant.


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