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    In admitting students to undergraduate programs, admission officers say that extracurricular activities or achievements besides standardized scores, essays and recommendation letters tell a lot about a students ability to excel. Extracurricular activities include part time job experience. It is said that part time job experience demonstrates determination, drive, and perseverance.

    What kind of part time job do you think would be helpful for a high school student??

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    Before employing a high school student familiarize your self with the child labor laws in your state or province. Some have come up:

    1. Baby Sitting
    2. retail jobs
    3. Newspaper delivery on bike
    4. Document archival services
    5. Entrepreneurial
    6. Pizza delivery


    For college students, a rather unpopular yet lucrative part-time job is stock market trading. There has been a huge rise in investors among students especially in the finance stream who involve themselves in day trading and other investing strategies. The ease with which a student can apply for a demat account, which is essentially the first step for an investor to be actively involved in stock market trading, has improved owing to a large number of students opting for it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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