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    Many couples have arguments over bills and how to settle them. This has come up over and over again! The husband would be like “What do you do with your pay?”.

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    Well this is one solution and I am going to narrate it. Every month a husband, wife and their children ought to sit down behind a table. The man has to pull out his pay slip and the wife the same. They ought to have a frank discussion on how to pay the bills, the amount to save for their children’s college education and lastly the amount to put into their IRAs. They’ve got tell their children that “This is all the money that is in the house. You’ve got to spend every money we give to you wisely”. This is one good solution. When the wife hides her money and the husband the same I think it leads to mistrust especially when the wife earns the same amount as the husbands. Tell me what you think?


    One family has been able to come up with a good way to solve this problem. They maintain different joint accounts:
    1. A joint savings account
    2. A joint emergency fund
    3. A joint checking bill pay

    However the wife and husband recognize the fact that they all have their idiosyncrasies. So the man has a personal checking for (lunch, gas, hobby and miscellaneous expenditure). The wife also maintains a personal account for (lunch,gas and miscellaneous expenditure).

    This couple are lucky because they don’t have student loans, car loans or credit cards to pay. They only have to pay for mortgage.

    They budget together and are very frank with each other. Their paychecks go straight to the joint checking bill for bill payment.


    I agree that husbands and wives ought to maintain joint accounts. But before you do that check the credit rating of your spouse. If you have a good credit rating but your spouse hasn’t your creding rating would be affected immediately you open a joint account or take out a mortgage together. Well I think an honest discussion on this issue would go a long way to harmonize the finances of a couple.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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